Zones and Rules

Hello community

We are moving from NethServer 7 to NethSecurity. On the NethServer instance there is a LAN and Guest network setup. The VM’s on the Guest network can’t access the LAN but VM’s on the LAN can access VM’s on the Guest network. For the life of me I can’t get this setup on the NethSecurity.

If I follow the Guest setup in the documentation VM’s in the LAN zone can’t access VM’s in the Guest zone. I have also tried various “allow forwards from” and “allow forwards to” combinations but as soon as I don’t have then both enabled in both zones all communication between zones stops. Any idea what I’m doing wrong or is the desired setup not possible?

Take a look at this small howto: Firewall — NethSecurity documentation

Thank you. I have followed those instructions and there is no communication between LAN and Guest zone’s/network’s. I will start from scratch with a brand new VM and if that doesn’t work I will open a support ticket.

Started from scratch and it is now working. Not sure what I did wrong on initial install

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I’m happy to hear that you managed to resolve the issue!