Zammad ticketing/helpdesk on Nethserver available

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Hey community has there been any requests to have zammad help desk on nethserver

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Module available! See Zammad wiki page.

Really interesting and it seems to be easy to install:

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It also has some lovely tools, like importing from OTRS and Zendesk linking a company twitter and fb pages and links up with twillio so people can send txt messages to the helpdesk. very easy to install but I am trying it now with nethserver, will let you know :smile:

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Could this be an alternative to OSTicket?

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I hope so, I think this looks better and can do more. If you don’t want to install it yet you can create a free account at although saying that it’s easy enough to install.

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You may have to open ports:

Maybe you want to test the apache virtualhost reverse proxy instead of nginx:

Looking forward to your results…

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Thanks for that I tried using RewriteEngine On
ProxyPass /
ProxyPassReverse / but I have an issue at the moment with elastic search breaking the setup :smile:

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Thought this might help if you’re trying it

Ticket-system on NethServer?
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I tested it and it seems to work basically.

Just use the docs but only the following paragraphs, you won’t need to disable selinux & firewalld, it’s done already on Nethserver.



Because zammad requires nginx I used my nginx module which sets up nginx without using port 80 by default which would conflict with apache:

yum -y install
yum -y install nethserver-nginx

Open the port (I chose 8099, you may change it as you like):

config set fw_zammad service status enabled TCPPort 8099 access green
signal-event firewall-adjust

Edit /etc/nginx/conf.d/zammad.conf and change port 80 to 8099 at line 14.

Restart nginx to apply config:

systemctl restart nginx

Apply a virtualhost reverse proxy to use default HTTPS port, see Any plans for implementing Zammad on Nethserver

Now you may browse to https://virtualhost or http://nethserver:8099 and setup Zammad.


  • disable nginx and use apache only

Ticket-system on NethServer?
How to implement Elasticsearch in Nexcloud
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Fantastic, Bravo :smiley: well done have you had any issues with elasticsearch? I have had major issues with it.

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No, it just worked. What kind of issues did you have with elasticsearch?

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I have 128GB of memory and it keeps saying elasticsearch out of memory

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It may be too much memory used by elasticsearch, I tested on a VM with 8GB RAM. You could try to limit the memory usage:

Don’t cross the 32 GB limit — if you have servers with a lot of memory, it is generally better to run more Elasticsearch nodes than going over the 32 GB limit for maximal heap size. In short, using -Xmx32g or higher results in the JVM using larger, 64-bit pointers that need more memory. If you don’t go over -Xmx31g , the JVM will use smaller, 32-bit pointers by using compressed Ordinary Object Pointers (OOPs).


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Yes thank you I was just reading that on the elastic website. This is would be an issue then for it running with Nethserver :thinking:

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That may be an issue with elk, it’s not a specific issue of Nethserver (or centos)

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Looks really interesting for people that are looking for an OTRS alternative.
@Artem_Voylenko @GG_jr @ironsky @jgjimenezs @pike
Amazing job and product

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The issue is fixed thank you so much just change vm.max_map_count=map_count= and reload :grinning:

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@mrmarkuz, would this conflict with Nextcloud+Onlyoffice please?