Zammad 6.3 testing

Hello guys,

I’d like to announce the new Zammad app, an open source user support/ticketing solution.

Installation is possible using the Software Center by adding my repository, check out the repo webpage for instructions.

Installation on CLI:


After the installation go to the app settings and set a FQDN/hostname.

Please help testing and share your impressions, thanks in advance…


Well, it perfectly installs, configures (simple) and works!! Congrats and a big thank you!

First quick notice before I forget, Did I miss the automatic invitation pop-up to configure the module right after installation has been done? I do get the configure backup notice (install via software menu).

Maybe more a question than a report, but then again, it may be all my fault :slight_smile:

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Thanks for testing!

I’m unsure which invitation pop-up you mean.
The NS8 configure app pop-up right after installation should be there but maybe you refreshed the page in the browser which clears the notifications.
IIRC you need to setup email/channels to get the Zammad invite agents/customers pop-up.

Thank you markuz for delivering, i can now see my migration to ns8 getting closer and closer with these kinds of additions,

been looking forward to this app for ns8. will thoroughly test soon enough some specific applications and report… again


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@Amygos and @Stll0 would nethvoice feature an integration with nethvoice, maybe using the generic CTI integration or any others?

@mrmarkuz how do you think one would be able to implement custom URL in the wiki using this nethserver App setup

Might you have any ideas on how this can be achieved?

The Knowledge Base Custom URL is used to change the default access to the zammad knowledge base zammad.domain.tld/help, see Knowledge Base — Zammad Admin Documentation documentation

The webserver configuration (shown in your screenshot) needs to be added to the config file in the zammad nginx container zammad-nginx:/etc/nginx/sites-available/default
This works if you just want to change the default path /help.
To reload the nginx config:

runagent -m zammad1 podman exec -ti --user 0:0 zammad-nginx kill -HUP 1

To change the domain name like for example anotherdomain.tld/support another traefik http route is needed for the new domain name. It didn’t work in my tests. EDIT: It worked finally.

I’d prefer to just change the path because you already select a domain name for zammad in the zammad app settings, I’d like to avoid a second domain/route.

I’d add an environment variable KBPATH to set the path for example to /support instead of /help manageable by another text field in the app settings.
What do you think? Is changing the domain needed?