Zabbix6.0 in epel repo - please test the new nethserver-zabbix module

I was working on Zabbix Docker and wanted to test the migration from native Zabbix 5 to dockerized Zabbix 6 so I needed to install nethserver-zabbix but the installation wasn’t working anymore because of the new epel zabbix60-* packages that conflict with the zabbix-agent2 from the zabbix repo.

Transaction check error:
  file /var/log/zabbix conflicts between attempted installs of zabbix6.0-agent-6.0.16-1.el7.x86_64 and zabbix-agent2-5.0.33-1.el7.x86_64

Therefore I changed the requires to stick to version 5 so if you have issues when updating your system or installing nethserver-zabbix, please test/install following fixed nethserver-zabbix(-agent) modules:

yum install --enablerepo=zabbix-frontend

OK, Zabbix itself doesn’t provide packages for CentOS 7 but epel does so we could have a native Zabbix 6 update, unfortunately without zabbix-agent2 as epel doesn’t provide it yet.
Zabbix 6 requires postgresql 13 so we need a DB migration from nethserver-postgresql.

I hope to finish the DB migration soon so I can provide a module for testing…


Please test the Zabbix 6 LTS module!

Check out what’s new in Zabbix 6 LTS

Please don’t test in production or at least backup the zabbix DB in case of an upgrade (or have some other backup). Following command saves the DB to a file.


Check if the backup sql file /var/lib/nethserver/zabbix/backup/zabbix.sql is there and move it to a safe place like your home dir because a system backup will overwrite it.

Zabbix 6 needs nethserver-postgresql13, fortunately it’s provided by @stephdl so we need his repo:

yum -y install

For me it was not possible to update the zabbix packages to the epel ones directly, the only way I found was removing the zabbix packages completely.
Of course this step is only needed when you’re updating from Zabbix 5.

yum -y remove "zabbix-*"

Install the new packages:

yum -y install

Zabbix 6 should be up and running at https://<NETH>/zabbix, in a fresh install use username Admin and password zabbix to login.

  • The update migrates the DB from postgresql 9 to postgresql 13, this step may take some time, depending on your zabbix DB size.

  • The update should also work when the old zabbix packages aren’t removed. In this case you still use Zabbix 5 (with postgresql13). To migrate to Zabbix 6 just remove the Zabbix-* packages and install the new nethserver-zabbix packages as described above.

  • If you used zabbix-agent2 you need to switch to zabbix-agent because agent2 is not supported yet, see zabbix [NethServer Wiki] for instructions.


what a pity :confused:

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zabbix-agent2 … what about to download it , sign it and share it on your repo ?

or rely on the zabbix repo itself

The epel agent and zabbix agent2 logfiles are conflicting on the server, I think zabbix agent2 can be used only on clients.

Transaction check error:
  file /var/log/zabbix from install of zabbix-agent2-6.0.17-release1.el7.x86_64 conflicts with file from package zabbix6.0-agent-6.0.16-1.el7.x86_64

nethserver-zabbix-docker will support it in any case.


If I could make a tips, I would rename the rpm with something differents like nethserver-zabbix-6 like this those who do not want to upgrade won’t be forced to do it


epel agent is a dependency of zabbix itself or we could install independently ?

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It’s a dependency.

You are not forced to update to Zabbix 6. Zabbix 5 continues working even with the new nethserver-zabbix module. If you like you can keep Zabbix 5 + agent2


honestly I run zabbix in a dedicated VM and all others run only agent2 so I won’t be much impacted, but do you know why agent2 is not in epel, did you find some issues blocking the release ???

No, I don’t know. I hope they provide agent2 sooner or later.

There’s also nethserver-zabbix-docker to be released soon, where agent2 should be usable.


do you think the template we provided to monitor mdadm, postfix are still compatible

I hope so, I’m going to check it…


Yes, it seems still working. When postfix is stopped, a warning from the template appears:


I can’t test the RAID template but it’s correctly imported:



I updated the nethserver-zabbix-agent rpm to use the original config directory /etc/zabbix/zabbix-agentd.d so the wiki and other instructions should still work.

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just sharing my feedback on nethserver-piler (docker based) the conversion to ns8-piler with podman was really easy, I could help you obviously

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Thanks, I’d like to finish nethserver-zabbix-docker first (just missing using systemd for docker-compose instead of starting by action) and then I’d like to start with ns8-zammad or ns8-zabbix because they already use docker.