Zabbix Template to monitor Proxmox VE by HTTP - Advice

Hello Forum,

I’m not sure if @Andy_Wismer uses Proxmox but I do believe you use Zabbix. Perhaps you’d like to put in your two cents into my issue.

My Zabbix server is 6 LTS
My Proxmox Cluster each run 7.2-11

There is a new template within Zabbix 6 called “Proxmox VE by HTTP”. I think it’s a very useful template for anyone using Proxmox. Here is a link to the template:

This template requires an API key be created In Proxmox. I found this excellent post that goes through exactly what needs to be done and even shows how to test using Postman:

I’ve setup an API key on my Proxmox cluster but the template is not able to connect to my Proxmox from Zabbix. Most of the items are blank and I see on some items the following error message:

Proxmox: Node []: Status - Response code “403” did not match any of the required status codes “200”

What’s interesting is that when I dug into one item in particular “Proxmox: Get cluster resources” I can test in Zabbix 6 and I can see data coming back from the Result of my cluster. It’s accurate in that it shows which hosts are online or offline.

I then went through the exercise of setting up and testing my API key through postman using the link above. Some of the Get commands do work so data is available though my Proxmox API key. But I’m thinking this template in Zabbix may have an issue with how it connects through my API key to my Proxmox.

Are you using this template by chance Andy?

Is anyone else here using this Proxmx template in Zabbix 6 and can successfully connect to their Proxmox cluster?

Thank you.

Hi @greavette

I have about 30 clients I set up and maintain, all with NethServer running in Proxmox, and monitored with Zabbix.

I’m still using Zabbix on NethServer, as such, I’m limited to Version 5.2… XML Templates are supported from 6.0 onwads, I’ve seen that template, but not used it yet.

My 2 cents

Hello @Andy_Wismer ,

Appreciate your feedback!

BTW…I’ve learned to trust this forum for its knowledge and being helpful. For any Zabbix questions, I’m curious where best to post these in the Nethserver Forum? I know about the Zabbix forum but I thought since Zabbix is used here in Nethserver asking questions here might help others as well.

I found part of my problem was that I had used a pam user account. I had to create my token using a pve user account. I still have some permission errors on some items but at least the template is giving me most of the item data.

As for you still using Zabbix 5…I found this thread on Proxmox site. You’ll see from user vashvampir has ported this Proxmox VE by HTTP to Zabbix 5. Zabbix template | Page 2 | Proxmox Support Forum

Lastly, if you use PBS (and if you don’t I strongly encourage you too! :slight_smile: ). There is a PBS template for Zabbix - GitHub - ismvru/zbx-tmplt-pbs: Zabbix template for Proxmox backup server. Once again not all items are working but I am now seeing my datastore size and what’s left which is a nice alert to be aware of.


Hi @greavette

I’m now a longtime user of PBS, almost all clients use PBS also, and I have offsite backups running with PBS also (Via VPN, no direct access to PBS from outside!).

Really fast Incrementals, data deduplication, fast file / folder restore… Just too many advantages for me to ignore! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links to the Zabbix templates! Will test them at home first, probably this weekend…

Posting here for Zabbix questions is quite OK, for real tough cases, you can still post in both places. Here is definately better, if you’re running Zabbix directly on NethServer, like using MrMarkuz’s Zabbix Module…

My 2 cents

My Zabbix Template for Raspberries running NUT server:

This screen only shows the UPS itself (Here an Eaton, very good OpenSource Support!). The Raspberry data is shown on the Raspberry screen…


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Hey @Andy_Wismer , happy to hear you too have found how useful PBS is as well! It was a game changer for me and our office. I have two PBS working in our office (Primary and Secondary) as well as a third offsite for disaster. I don’t have to worry about my VM’s now that we use PBS. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your Zabbix setup with me with regards to your UPS. Wait until you see Zabbix 6 in action. I’m really enjoying working Zabbix now. I’m busy making our Zabbix more useful to our small office. I do have more questions as well as ideas to share. I’ll post them in this Chat forum.


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