Zabbix NethServer

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Could you take me a doubt, I have a machine running zabbix, I would like to monitor the nethserver, VPN, Band… is it possible?

First things firsts: NethServer is a CentOS7 host. Therefore, yes, you can monitor CentOS7 via Zabbix Agent. Packages are available in well known repositories and is supported by the project. Not all integrations works.
All services installed in NethServer, except the configuration deployment, are standard GPL/OpenSource softwares, so if any of these services/softwares can be monitored via Zabbix, yes you can monitor services.

However… controls, data and reports are not on the tip of the mouse, IMVHO they have to be designed and tested and debugged.
I have memory of some plugin for older versions of Zabbix, but i’m not sure that arrived on “plugin store” of the project, if it’s still working/supported/whatever.

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There’s also a nethserver-zabbix-agent module, see wiki.

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