Zabbix monitoring - network map

OMG @Andy_Wismer I seriously need to work on my Zabbix fu :sleepy: got any pointers?!?


Let’s use a Chit-Chat for that, otherwise we really mess up the subject!
You start it up…
We could also creat a new Post, helping others to get Zabbix Monitoring up and running.
Your choice…


I just want a pretty map. :rofl: Mine are all hand drawn, I’ve got the Zabbix monitoring functions working fine.

There should be plenty of symbols in the library, if you used @mrmarkuz Module / Installation Instructions. There are a few also for your Zabbix / NethServer, on different Hardware or just virtual.

However, looking at the Screenshot, there’s not that much in your network displayed…
Maybe there’s stuff there, but not enabled in the map.

Latest Zabbix symbol library:






One of the first things to do in Zabbix is activate your Server, change the Admin Password and:

Change the Name and Look of that server to match what it really is: Your NethServer!
The Name in Zabbix is really only for humans, Zabbix uses it’s internal ID. That means you can rename any object whenever you want to!

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That Zabbix is actually a Ubuntu vm I spun up for it. It’s a poor, sad, neglected puppy, I’ve done little with it but run discovery, the ping templates and some service monitoring. I need to spend more time on it at some point, It’s on my list.

OK, no probs!

If you want to prep that one up, or have it running on your NethServer and want me to give a hand with it, sure!

Drop a line, we’ll find the time!

Zabbix can do a lot more than just ping…
Stuff like running (or NOT running) Services, live SQL Stats, Camera Monitoring, Radio monitoring (For national DAB over Internet Radios…), VoIP, with amount of incoming / outgoing calls…

Take a serious 2-4 hours, and get yourself a nice, solid monitoring. And if any clients call with an issue, you already know what’s the problem - in most of the cases… :wink:

Screens like this one for USV monitoring are also nice:

The map, where the raspberry and UPS can be seen at bottom right…

Just don’t ask me what a “Horriba” or “UriSys” actually does! :slight_smile:
The 2 NAS and the left Proxmox are connected with BONDING, as is shown on the map if you look close.

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@Andy_Wismer If it was me I’d redact that Dr. office’s externally resolvable fqdn before posting that map.

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Slight oversight, corrected…
Although the AD isn’t as such resolveable…
(The rest would be, though, even though the web page is external)…


Hi all,

I found an endless loop during a reboot command when the Data Base is stopping. There are lot of reports on Google under “Zabbix-Server do not Stop”.

Indeed, during a reboot and just before the Zabbix service stops, it wants to update the DB, but since the DB is already stopped, Zabbix waits until the BD becomes active again - which is not possible - it is definitively stopped. From there the endless loop …

You just need to include an ExecStop command in the /usr/lib/systemd/system/rh-mariadb102-mariadb.service file under the [Service] section. (this file will be different for MySQL or PostgreSQL)

Type = notify
User = mysql
Group = mysql

# For a delay so that zabix-server.service has time to finish
# its task of updating the DB before the DB stops.
ExecStop=/usr/bin/sleep 60

In this way, the DB will wait 60 seconds before actually shutting down and this will allow the Zabbix server enough time to update the DB.

Reference: Man page: and look for the heading ExecStop=.

It seems that the problem does not exist with the shutdown command?