ZABBIX database location


I’m looking to test something and would like to first backup ZABBIX on Nethserver. I thought the database was stored in MYSQL but when I log into it, I do not see anything related to ZABBIX. Can anyone tell me where it is and perhaps the backup procedure for Zabbix on Nethserver?

I need to move Zabbix to an independent server that isn’t Nethserver so I can’t use the Nethserver backup services for this one.

Update :

I did try psql to see if data was placed there but when I execute psql, I’m asked for the root password, which doesn’t work. I assumed it was the same password as the root for the cockpit however I get this message : psql: FATAL: password authentication failed for user “root”



Hi Patrick

Zabbix, if installed with MrMarkuz module, uses Postgres SQL… The actual database of Zabbix is automatically backuped, you’ll find that under /var/lib/nethserver/zabbix/backup as a normal dump file… This is also used for the built in backup mechanism, no matter which one you use.

You’ll find the needed passwords (for more than just Zabbix) under:


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Hello Andy,

Long time no see!

Thanks for the info, very useful!

I do like NethServer’s usage of /var/lib/nethserver/secrets to store “generated” secure system passwords, yet make them easily available for users like you and me who may want to do a bit more… As you now know where to look, they can easily be incorporated into scripts, etc…


I think you know where I’m going with this… I’m separating things a bit and been experimenting with a few things lately and just want to move a few things around.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

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