Zabbix agentless monitoring with SSH?

NethServer Version: 7.9

I have zabbix running on my main Server and would like to monitor other Nethserver agentless with ssh. I can connect these servers passwordless… Can anyone give me a hint how to start?

Hi @fausp

SSH? It would be so much easier to connect both NethServers first with VPN (IPsec, OpenVPN both work, I use both, but Wireguard would also be an Option…).

Besides which, using a VPN gives you the connection in GUI, not only under console…

In some cases I also use the OPNsense firewall as site-specific Zabbix Proxy.

Send me a PM for hints…

My 2 cents

Hi @Andy_Wismer,

Thank you for your reply, I am afraid a VPN is not possible… I will spend more time for research and testing…

Zabbix Handy Tips: Agentless metric collection with SSH checks

The benefit with SSH would also be to use small devices like mini-router etc…



SSH does have a lot of possibilities - just like port forwarding…
You could use that to forward traffic from the client to the Zabbix Server.
SSH Autologin is a must, but queries can be done from either side, as needed…

(Can be a legal advantage say in Germany… :slight_smile:

On the other hand, don’t forget that a lot of “mini” devices don’t contain a full SSH but only a limited, but still quite useful dropbear…

My 2 cents

I feel a disturbance in the f… OT.

OK, I think I got it with autossh… Last thing would be to configure a startup-script for the autossh-command:

autossh -N -M 0 -f \
-o "ServerAliveInterval 30" \
-o "ServerAliveCountMax 3" \
-L 20050:localhost:10050 \
-p 1234 root@remoteip

Any suggestions?