Zabbix agent on nethserver

NethServer Version: 7.9

Hello guys,

I’ve seen a topic opened by @greavette about using zabbix for monitoring nethserver; After reading the answer I’ve tried to install zabbix agent2 but nothing; I’ve tried even with normal zabbix agent, installed by the install zabbix agent official website.
Can someone help me? I’ve read that there is a repository by @mrmarkuz, but it don’t work with zabbix 6, right?
Is there a correct way to install zabbix agent on nethserver 7.9 and zabbix 6.0.11 server?

thanks in advice


For monitoring NethServer with Zabbix, look for “how to monitor CentOS7 with Zabbix”.
Some templates are available, but i don’t know how recently they have been revised/updated.

hi pike,

I’ve searched and I founded and imported this template, and still nothing.
I did trick with command “shorewall clear”, but at this point the best solution would be enable port 10050 on the nethserver fw, is there a command for this?

Maybe @Andy_Wismer can give some pointers. I believe he has some experience with Zabbix monitoring

Hi @fffeal

Are you running NethServer as firewall / gateway for your Network?

With MrMarkuz’s Zabbix Server and Agent modules, handling the firewall for a NethServer is not needed, but it may be needed if NethServer is acting as firewall / router.

Zabbix 6.x will probably come to NethServer, but then in form of Docker, as dependencys can’t be fulfilled n Centos7 base, AFAIK. Migrating the data is the biggest issue here. @mrmarkuz probably needs more time… :slight_smile:

At the moment 5.x works well on NethServer.

My 2 cents

Some samples of NethServer Monitoring Data on Zabbix:

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hi @Andy_Wismer
i’m not using NethServer as firewall or gateway but I solved modifyng /etc/shorewall/rules, adding the tcp port for zabbix.

Now it works, thanks a lot for your help


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You can open network ports at the Nethserver Server Manager Services page, just add a new network service and set ports to be opened.

NethServer uses templates to write config files so your changes in /etc/shorewall/rules will be overwritten.

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ok, clear; done via gui!

thanks :slight_smile:

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