Zabbix 6.0 LTS is out!

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Salut @stephdl


Can this run on NethServer 7.9?

Or NethServer 8x only?

My 2 cents

For ns8 Docker Hub it seems it is not available for centos7

No, but Dockers can already run in NethServer 7.9 (Centos7)…


Yes, Zabbix 6.0.4 docker works perfectly.
I’m already working on it…

I hope to release soon…


this could conflict with other apps, 8080 is used I think. Why you do not aqua ?


I’m going to change the port, it’s a first draft.
Aqua is used.

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aqua is IP based not on TCP port :-?


When possible I use the published port with aqua so it survives IP changes.


you could set an IP to the container nethserver-pihole/nethserver-pihole-docker-creation at ns7 · stephdl/nethserver-pihole · GitHub


I’ll be available for testing this on NS7.9 and on NS8…


Using published ports without setting a static IP seems simpler to use.
Pihole needs to have a free IP in the network because of DNS, Zabbix is another case.

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my concern with TCP port is the conflict you might find if you have two apps using the same port. So yes you should use a non standard port.

NS8 does the same, you ask for a free port (or range tcp port) then you set a reverse proxy to this port from traefik to your pod of containers

a pod is a container of containers you decide to open ports to public or not, inside the pod you cannot share the same port between other containers (8080 must be unique)

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Of course I’m going to change port 8080 to something else.

So no upgrade path from 5.0 to 6.0 on 7.9?
(docker-ize it seems a migration to me)

Why not? It’s “just” a DB migration from 5.0 to the docker environment.
No matter if we call it upgrade or migration. It should be simple.


Certainly it’s still my doubt about container overhead but… keeps telling me that from server to container = 10% performance loss.
Which for my current installation is a no-go.

My concern about containers is not that, it is the waste of disk space. Containers are fast and reliable

As regards NS8, Zabbix provides an example for podman, see 5 Installation from containers (example 3).


I have still not thought how we could run our community repositories but probably we could use too github.

For my information how many containers do you manage to get zabbix in ns7 ?