Yum only to install modules?

Haven’t really noticed a lot of beginner level knowledge base here on the Community of Google Groups, so I figured I would start one. Decided to try this out over my traditional go-to of running everything from a simple Arch setup since the community appears to be very dedicated and I was looking for something I could immerse my family into management of. Just threw a copy of 6.5 on a box earlier and while I can from the console line yum packages when I bring up the dashboard there does not appear to be a way to query or install packages. From the administrator documentation as well as the website it appeared this was a current or turn=key feature? Is there any documentation or direction on the web that can be used as a reference for enabling this on the dashboard or did my install not fully complete?

@8064r7 you should have it! “Package manager” on 6.5, “Software center” on 6.6 rc1 http://docs.nethserver.org/en/latest/packages.html
If you don’t have it in your left menu on dashboard, something goes horribly wrong :smile:

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I dug around a lot and something very bad did go wrong with the auto installation. Went ahead and installed the RC1 since it is now out and things appeared to gone more smoothly this time. Now I can show the kids the different things that go into providing them content.