Yum error after installing v7B2

Hi all,

after several tries, I post this error. Hope it’s in the right section.

I try to install Beta 2 in an VM (VirtualBox).
The steps I do:
I install NS from DVD (iso), all well.
After the first boot, the webwizard runs, I put in the usual stuff.
In the webinterface, I update the packagelist, and, since of course there are updates, I download & install updates.
Reboot the VM (kernel was among the updates), then proceed to install Samba AD, Fileserver & basic firewall.
Config samba (IP, tick the bridge-box).
Set administrator password.
Then, I proceed to install other modules (backup, e-mail, roundcube). But that fails with a huge red error that disappears within seconds, then a message is shown:
Resolving RPM dependencies
The install/update may have failed due to metadata caching issues. Please clean the cache by clicking the button below and retry the install/update operation.
The button Clear yum cache doesn’t solve this.

Any idea what’s wrong here? I can’t do a thing with yum after that…

On the commandline, a ’ yum update’ returns:
Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: base/7/x86_64

OK, one step further:
after the installation of updates, and can’t resolve names anymore.
DNS is default set to (Google?) ans at first that’s fine, but after the install it’s not anymore.
Putting in my own local DNS does the trick: the repos can be found again.
Remains the question: why is a valid DNS at first, but not later…
(Is this maybe expected behaviour?)

No, it’s not expected.
If you put back as DNS, does it break again?

back home, I can try:
changing DNS in “network” (primary, secondary empty) fails again indeed:
[> root@7b2-bis ~]# nslookup www.google.com


** server can’t find www.google.com: NXDOMAIN

When changing it back to DNS on my modem and current server, it works again.
Again, this is on a virtual server, bridged IP in promiscuous mode.

Have you tried manually setting the system dns settings to on a client behind that modem to test connection to google’s dns?

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no, not yet. I can do that later, let you know.

I think that your ISP blocks DNS requests to external DNS servers, they force you to use their DNS.

Nope, that’s not it. When on the host of this VM I use that works fine:
rolf@tuxtop:~> nslookup www.yahoo.com

Non-authoritative answer:
www.yahoo.com canonical name = fd-fp3.wg1.b.yahoo.com.
Name: fd-fp3.wg1.b.yahoo.com
Name: fd-fp3.wg1.b.yahoo.com

But since I know how to solve it, and I’m apparently the only one with this issue, I assume it’s on my specific setup. Can live with it.

Hi @rolf,

if you believe that the problem is solved, marks “solved” the answer that helped you.
This helps anyone looking for the same problem and who responds to the support. :wink:
Thank you friend

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