Youtube block how?

Hi… How would I block youtube, any ideas?


Did you try in the web content filter / filter to edit the default filter?
Go in categories and block social media

Are you talking about costume categories? I have edited the default filter.

No, in the edition go default filtre, below the mode
There’s categories

I created two filters for two groups, will the default over right that? Is there no place where I can block the website as in I have added that url to Global Blacklist hope it will work.

Hi… How did you manage to block youtube

Using filters.

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Thank you Jgji…
When setting proxy on manual I will need to configure each workstation, and by blocking HTTP and HTTPS will that not block access to all sites?

you’re welcome

Do not block them all, if you put profiles.

First we create the categories of filters, for example: total block, open access, block porn, etc.

Create objects in the firewall to be assigned to each profile.

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Thank you so much… That will be my project from today, installing a new server “NS” will follow your guide. I think this is how help should be done, most of us dont understand the high tech talk… :wink:

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you’re welcome

Hi Jose, thank you so much, followed your instruction on how to block social site and youtube and it work.

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Hola y donde se encuentra ese instructivo? Muchas Gracias

Do you mean this?