WTH is MailHog?

Looking into many Docker based installation of software solutions, i keep coming accorss a tool called MailHog mailhog/MailHog: Web and API based SMTP testing (github.com)

Been trying to wrap my head around it, but am just not getting it. What is it meant to do or to achieve really, its just not computing,

could someone kindly enlighten me, and if it makes any sense at all, is it applicable to all docker based containers and apps, or the app must have an implementation of supporting it etc.

Hi Martin

To be quick as possible: mailhog is the software that allows you to test locally if your application sends mails, without the hassle to set up a fully functioning SMTP server. Just launch Mailhog, configure your app to send emails through Mailhog container, and it will give you a functioning UI that visualizes your mails (from, to, CCs, content, etc…)

AFAIK, Mailhog is stale, there’s MailPit tho, which claims to be the successor.


mailpit seems to be also including spammyness checker, seems great.