Wrong translation in proxy settings

In english you can choose manual, authentication, transparent…
In german it should be Manuell (not Anleitung), Authentifiziert, Transparent…

Hi, thanks for reporting :slight_smile:. Do you want to join the @translations_team?

/cc @german_team

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Yes, if I can help. But I only can tranlate english to german language and german to english of course.


Hi @m.traeumner we would like to know if you can join and support the team?

You can enter the link below to create your account, we will be grateful for your contribution



Thanks @dnutan for the welcome


Thanks for joining translation, you are welcome!

I have a question about transifex. Can I review translations too, or could I only tranlate? If I can review them, can you tell me how? The button review like in the Documentation isn’t available for me.

You can now review the translations and you notify us of changes please.
@german_team @translations_team

Thanks @m.traeumner

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But only if I change a translation or for every translation I do?

you just keep us informed of your progress, with a copy to the German translation team

Our goal is to keep updated all languages during changes of versions, as well as some correcion of any previous translation

Welcome to the team of translators.

@alefattorini a new member to German translators team

Great shot! You can add him to the group by yourself!

Sorry for the question, but how could I send a copy of my work to translation team.
I thought the maintainers at transifex get the info about changes and who did it automaticaly.

I have not explained well, sorry.

With a single “German translation Completed” is enough for us. sometimes we are engaged in various community affairs or daily work.

Indeed we know from transifex changes.


Thanks for your explanation.

I’ve changed it at Transifex