Wrong time (rspamd) (oops!)


This may not be a problem for the forum, but I’ll comment just in case it is:

Today I see an incorrect time in rspamd; it is one hour ahead and I think I started seeing it from the last update.

Correct time: 18:15
Wrong time (rspamd) 7:12 (19:12)
The difference in minutes is not a problem, but the hour.

In Mexico this year, we ended up with the idiotic daylight saving time change.

Maybe this problem with the time will be corrected later; I think I read years ago, that it is only one person in charge of updating this time zone madness in Linux.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Hi @MrE, in Central Europe the Daytime Change date for 2023 is 25/03 for DST on and 28/10 for DST off (+1). So usually is UTC +1, with DST is UTC +2.
Currently in cockpit I found no way to know if DST is on or off but maybe it’s due to the fact that DST is currently off. System time is the place for understand which is the server timezone and change this
Some sysadmins dont’ giva a pit for DST. Off is their default, I rather like to don’t compensate time but it’s just my habit.

So. Which is your current time status?

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Hi @pike

In cenam I can check our official times.

There I see that in Nayarit we have “UTC-7”, both the official time and my server’s time are correct.

It is in the rspamd logs that I see an hour ahead of time.

Yesterday I was monitoring a spam attack and was puzzled not to find the events at their correct time. Luckily I managed to stop the attack.

Best regards.

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Not much helpful to solve the problem but as a matter of fact, on CentOS, Mexico’s DST change certainly was taken care of with tzdata package update (tzdata-2022g-1.el7.noarch):

I also recall that, regarding NTP having solely one maintainer.


I believe this is what I had read. Confusion over the years.

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Opps! wrong title.
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