Wrong Menu-Items and wrong translations

I’ve installed Dante. If you save the link at the menu bar of cockpit, in English it is named “Report”, I think “Reports” is better. In German it’s “Melden”, that’s not correct. It should be “Berichte”.
I didn’t find it at transifex. Can somebody correct this?
cc @stephdl

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Can you help?

Sorry, I missed this thread.

The German translation for Cockpit is available here: https://www.transifex.com/nethserver/nethserver/translate/#de/CockpitDante/176214669
The report itself is currently available in English and Italian: https://github.com/nethesis/dante/tree/master/beatrice/public/i18n

That was the question.

The findings are still not to found in Transiflex. I had also already tried to correct it.

Same for such funny translations…

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This one is rearly funny, for non German speaking people the translation in other words is

to fit at cargo bay