WPAD Configuration

Hi Team,

I would like to ask who can I configure the WPAD? and how can I configure also all host will listen to WPAD? THank you

WPAD is proveded by Dns server to all hosts in the local network.
Only preset the automatic Proxy check in Browser.

Hi @Nas,

Based here:

When I tick the “Block HTTP and HTTPS Ports” in transparent mode (Please see image below)

It blocks all the https website including the Nethserver Gui. Did I miss something? or can I configure the WPAD for this?

Hi @eliezer.axiem,

Did you download and install NS certificate for transparent SSL mode?


"If the proxy is installed in transparent mode, all web traffic coming from clients is diverted
through the proxy. No configuration is required on individual clients.

Certificate file is saved inside /etc/pki/tls/certs/NSRV.crt file, it can be downloaded from client
at http://<ip_server>/proxy.crt address."

I used the certificate that is on the server only. Should I choose transparent with ssl?

Try to look here:
Profile for web content filter
or here:

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