Would nethserver work for me?

Hi guys I have a client that is currently using sbs2003 and 2008. 2003 is used for everything from email,vpn ,ad and file server.

Could nethserver be used to replaced sbs2003?

Could nethserver do active directory for windows 10?
Is there any way to convert email from 2003 to nethserver?
Should I be using netheserver for dhcp and vpn or use dedicated appliance?

My other option is to deploy server 2016/19 and use 365 for email. Obviously second option would cost much more.

Thank you for your help

Maybe no. Outook/Exchange is quite a nice piece of Groupware, and there are some features still lacking on default Groupware for NethServer (WebTop), just like… desktop extensible client.
But… it’s worth the try, IMO.
And you can try “for free”, connecting the testing machine to your current AD.

Yes. Read the documentation :wink:

Not directly, at least two options:

  • imapsync
  • PST import (which is from outlook not Exchange)

(pop3 is not really an option…)
Anyway, check the documentation.

I definitely recommend to use NethServer as DHCP Server
For VPN you have… more options.

  • You need an AD-integrated account for VPN? Use NethServer and create an integrated setup, with the server acting as server (AD, Mail, GroupWare, fileserver, DNS) and gateway (with VPN endpoint).
  • You don’t need AD-integrated account for VPN? You can install a second NethServer for gateway use only, splitting load on multiple hardware (if not virtualized) and having a separated set of credentials for VPN access. This will lead to a bit more complicated content filtering.
    (Both options allow only OpenVPN based tunnels for RoadWarriors)
  • You can choose a separate appliance for gateway and VPN endpoint, like a commercial hardware firewall. This will lead to a lower energy consumption and a separated management, if necessary; this might lead also to a more flexible VPN solution (L2TP or IpSec, at least, for roadwarriors), with the risk/possibility to pay licenses for every user should use the VPN connection.

You don’t give much more for… help you making a decision.
One of the best options using NethServer is that you could use a full featured install without time or product limits for evaluation.
Of course, there are other distros/products that allow something similar.


Could you give some more details please?


@Marcin_Kozyra If you have more questions don’t be shy to ask.

Do Webtop have a desktop computer client software? Answer is no.
Are there functions on the client that could be expanded or personalized adding more software? Answer is no. Webtop being cross-browser and cross-platform do not use any kind of customize or add functionalities to the browser, like extensions or addins.

Few years ago there were business card scanners automating OCR and data entry to address books synced between PIM (Notes, Oultook, whatever) but you cannot use this kind of tools with Webtop.
Also there were fax-server clients connected to fax-server services installed “aside” Exchange; Webtop do not support (currently into NethServer).
There’s ActiveSync for mobile devices (which works quite well) and CalDAV/CardDAV for some desktop clients (Thunderbird). An optional software called Outlook CalDAV Syncronizer could be used for connect and sync data.

Everything written above is just my personal opinion… :wink:

Yes, they communicate with a client like Outlook or perhaps Thunderbird. After that Outlook or Thunderbird are syncing with a groupware like Exchange (only Outlook), SOGo or WebTop.
Since Outlook 2013 supports active sync to, so you can choose which protocol you want to use.

I think there are some functions, that Exchange has, which are not supported from WebTop or SoGo, but I don’t know, but I don’t use Exchange. I think @pike could help more with this.