Working on "Howto Set Up a VPN"

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It is a matter of copy and paste your content to a new page in the category howto…after that think to add the tag ‘howto’ (mandatory) and other of your choice like ‘vpn’ by example. This wil create automatically the category ‘vpn’.

Once your page is written you can erase the content of your user page.

Quelques idées en l’air (some food for thoughts)

  • The usage of the user page is really a good choice to start to write something.

  • I have not tested the procedure yet…(still in holyday) i will look after

  • You don’t show us the procedure with a linux client and network-manager. It could be nice also.

  • You have added in the howto your name…it is true that you are the author for the release…but in some months in a wiki it is possible that other add more contents.

  • Really good work…i love myself openvpn

Thank you @stephdl for the tips and the feedback.

I agree an instruction on Linux and MacOS would be nice but I have no idea how this is done. Maybe someone else can add it.

Hi willzen

I noticed something that bring my attention

  • Why you asked that a client should have a different name than an already existing account… @giacomo does it is right ?

  • the network schema should show us the roadwarrior client for a matter of understanding.

  • the port 1723 advised to set in the router is not the one showed in the panel settings (1194)

  • does the routed mode is the good choice…i used to play with a bridged mode (the client gets the same class IP of the local network).

  • The security matter should advice to use a username/password/certificate for clients.

Some food for thoughts

This is some clues

Hi @stephdl

I found the port 1723 in the internet for port forwarding for VPN connection that has to be done in the router. If NS listening on port 1194 than I have to change it. The settings in NS is from @Nas.

I will have a look at the roadwarrior client what has there to be done and add it.

The point with Username, Password and Certificate is good. For this as well I have to look for.

I am not a specialist for VPN. My intention is only to create a HowTo which will help a newbi to set it up.

Hi @stephdl
Thank for for the link but when I read the instruction I am not sure how to do it without a Linux in front of me. If I write the Linux settings in the HowTo I should have done this for myself ones.

1723 is used by ipsec if i’m not wrong…you are doing a good job…keep on it @willzen …i did the same work some time ago and it is still the top ten of my french page visited

you are… 1723 TCP and protocol 47 GRE are used by ppptd vpns (classical and deprecated m$ vpn)

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The bug was fixed about one year ago:
/cc @WillZen

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I copied my VPN HowTo as you told but I can’t find it in the HowTo section. What did I wrong?

you did {{tag>howto,VPN}} instead of {{tag> howto VPN}}

good work


we still need

  • a section for apple on the routed mode ( I recall that it cannot use the bridged mode)
  • a section for Linux with network manager, please give me wrong you are not all windows users here :smile:
  • and probably more

After that the same howto should be done for for a site2site vpn

@WillZen I have slightly modified the title and the vpn howto page in your user page, you had a tag which can be find in the category page.

Thank you for looking at the HowTo and your suggestion.

I can’t help with Apple OS. I haven’t use it and I also haven’t any Apple products.
I will see forward if I can add the Linux section. At the moment I am busy

For the bridged mode we could ask @Nas if he can help. He did the first Howto here in the forum.

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With VPN in bridged mode i can help , what about apple? Do you mean on IPhone or Mac? For iphone there is a client , for Mac it is Tunnelblick

probably the most used case is to reach the NS server from an apple computer.

We can follow the tunneblick guide, it’s very easy.

  • Install tunnelblick
  • Download the config file from NS
  • Double-click on config file opening with Tunnelblick
  • Credentials
  • Go!

You are a good guy, keep you on the right side of the force

something interesting ->

but in fact look in gg with ‘ovpn network-manager’ will bring a lot of answers.

I know it mate and, at the minute I have the flue.

I can help with the OS X VPN client setup. I’ve done that with Nethserver.

Hi @firsttiger

this would be great. I am not a fan to write an Howto from something I haven’t done.

A possibility would be you send mi per email the screen shots and a note list and I add it to the Howto with prose.


As I wrote before I am not a fan to write about something I haven’t done. If I find the time to install Linux I can install VPN as well and write the instruction. Otherwise someone else has to write it,

This isn’t so good, Get well soon.