Working on a new Torrent module

Torrent (like transmission) or Direct Download (like Pyload) which can be the best ?

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Transmission is on the fire…stay tuned


Argh! I forgot to vote for pyload… but i’m ready to test transmission :slight_smile:
Thank you

Pyload will be a nice challenge, there is no rpm, some tests started by others but never well finished…I want to have a go on this but I have a lot of thing to do, and also I want to finish this →

I love deluge

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yep, working on transmission, the worse issue I have to solve is that modified options are save to settings.json when transmission is stopped, the setting file is read at the start. It is not easy for me. Maybe I should have a go on deluge

For now when the transmission daemon is stopped I can read the setting.json file and save options to the db configuration (used to create template) but it is not easy and i can’t save them automatically. if options were saved directly i could take a look to the mtime of the file and use them directly.

Is this Tranmission module is ready ?

I think so…use the dzoote repo

You think or you are sure :sweat_smile:

How to? It’s trusty?
Why this module is the dzoote repo?..and not in your repo :flushed: ?

For those (like me :confused: ) that had absolutely no clue what “use the dzoote repo” means:

Great there is development of modules like Transmission. However, imho this is good for a homeserver, but for a business server, I don’t think I would use such a module.
This made me think: would it be possible or feasible to label modules as Home use or Business use?
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look here for repo:

and yes, probably i should write it on wiki…

yes I’m
Obviously for now the dzoote repo must be used.

Probably I didn’t reach a sustainable way of development, or I was not confident on the way that nethserver was taking. My Repository was closed on the september, 1 2015.

But you have mistaken your question, why I didn’t provide update to these rpm

tt-rss is not updated since 6 months
transmission could authenticate group of users
Glances should provide a http authentication for the browser mode.
ddclient has already an update on my server
nethserver-php-scl gets an update for php7 not yet released, the documentation should be written also.


I didn’t know, sorry for my bad joke :anguished:

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I see no harm in adding on NethForge any kind of modules, home or business. Like these: