Wordpress update error

NethServer release 7.5.1804 (final)

Hello to all. I can not update wordpress plugins and translations, the system requires ftp credentials.
The same incident happened to me, then solved waiting for nethserver system updates.
Can anyone tell me if I still have to wait for updates from Epel or is the cause different? Also this does not allow me to install new plugins or delete them. Thank you


Maybe you can get around this by copying the update through scp instead of ftp?

Last time I waited for updates, even if I copied the updates the wordpress system prevents me from deleting the plugins and the new installations of others, in practice the permissions are blocked.

Hi @france,

I tested it and updates of plugins worked.

Please post your config:

config show wordpress

Maybe WebFilesMod or AutomaticUpdater are disabled, to enable again:

config setprop wordpress WebFilesMod enabled
config setprop wordpress AutomaticUpdater enabled
signal-event nethserver-wordpress-update


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Hello and thanks. You gave me a very useful indication.
The configuration was as you described it.
I was able to identify the cause or the type of wordpress access.
In my configuration it was set as “private” and not “public access”.
Thank you