Wordpress PHP no prase from outside

So i removed wordpress and reinstalled with the defaults again its working at www.indigent-networks.com/wordpress but as soon as I change it per the instructions it all pukes…

So setup “stephdl” wordpress and it works fine from the local ip but when you access it from the out side world with the domain name www.indigent-networks.com/blog it looks as if php is not doing its thing … content is missing and it has not been parsed … any ideas I googled topics but found no solution

still have a problem


can’t be found but it is still under


what has broken access to that directory

config setprop wordpress DomainName example.com
signal-event nethserver-wordpress-update

this is breaking wordpress install …

can undo it by
config delprop wordpress DomainName
signal-event nethserver-wordpress-update

We need check this, thanks for reporting it

I tested it and with these settings it works to have only domainname without path:

config setprop wordpress DomainName testserver.cmb.local
signal-event nethserver-wordpress-update

Now I can access wordpress without path like https://testserver.cmb.local.

Maybe the picture in the wiki was irritating because it shows a WordPress Address (URL) like https://domain/path

For having different path:

config setprop wordpress URL blog
signal-event nethserver-wordpress-update

BTW, you can empty a value like this:

config setprop wordpress DomainName ''

did what you said for “domainname without path” above then did

config setprop  wordpress DomainName www.indigent-networks.com
signal-event nethserver-wordpress-update

and it works great!

might want to update wiki as it is not clear at all… :ok_man:

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I think “not clear at all” is not correct but if there are missing points or something is hard to understand, please feel free to update it.


I’m lost, what did you not understood ?

Can you make a detailled list or propose your changes please

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just change the images, marks post above is what I would change to make it more understandable.