Windows Server 2022 join Nethserver Domain

I have a need to add a Windows Server (2022) to a network. It’s primary use is for Remote Desktop for a few users externally.
Microsoft state that User CALs for RDS can’t be used (for more than 60mins) on a ‘workgroup’ Server. For them to work correctly, the Server must be part of an AD.

Has anyone connected a Windows Server to the NS AD? Thought I would check experiences before playing with it!

Thanks, Klaus.

Hi @KdB

I’ve connected several Windows servers to NethServers AD, all (so far) worked.
I haven’t had occasion to test this on Windows server 2022.
I do know from here that Windows 11 presents problems with 22H2… :frowning:

However: A maybe better alternative:

For my clients, I use a Windows 10 desktop as RDP server. The RDP functions AND extra multiuser licences are provided by TSPlus ( This costs all in all quite a bit less than a MS Server to run RDP services and has the benefit that for users, it looks and feels like a desktop. A Windows server as RDP often has issues, eg with browsing.

TSplus works very well together with NethServer, I have clients with 10-20 RDP users…

My 2 cents

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Danke Andy.

As usual, some good advice. I hadn’t seen tsplus before yet it looks perfect for what I might need.

I will have a play with that.


The free demo is good enough, no limit functions. It runs for 2 weeks…
Can be switched anytime o a licensed instance.

RAM and CPU allocation around the same as for a Windows Server running RDS.
I have this on Proxmox for my clients.

Have fun!

I really think you’ll like it, has neat admin features…

Give some feedback after you’ve played with it.

My 2 cents

Recent release update for AD domain container from NethServer. Might change some gears.