Windows passing credentials to web server

I am having a issue with my domain computer’s logging into web servers.
When I navigate to the web server my workstations appear to try and automatically log in.
I never get prompted for UN/PW like I do on my non-domain computer’s.

I get the following error -
401 — UNAUTHORIZED - A password is required to access this web server. Please try again.

I can’t seem to find the GPO setting that would allow the prompt for UN/PW.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

… one of these webservers is a NethServer?

Hi @pike

I think he is using the NethServer AD, and played around with some settings (Group Policy…).
Normally Windows PCs joined to NethServer AD do not display this effect.

Joining a NethServer AD does NOT change any GPO setting for Windows PCs / Servers!

Either a MS or Pebkac issue…

As there’s no further hint or system info, I tend to think Pebkac…

My 2 cents

I have my windows machines joined to the domain(Nethserver) (Most of them).
I am using the Windows baseline GPO’s (

When I try to log into my webmin server I do not get the prompt for UN/PW.
I immediately get the 401 unauthorized - as password is required to access this web server. please try again.

On non-domain machines I get a windows pop-up that asks for UN/PW.

I have posted to MS forums and spice works.
I can’t figure out how to get the domain machines to prompt for UN/PW when trying to access these sites.

Hi @sv2015vs

Just remove this crap and it’ll work like normal again:

Windows baseline GPO’s (

This problem is neither a NethServer nor Microsoft problem, but one from

Their Webpage looks and sounds grand, but a quick look at the Wikipedia article and viewing the Talk section shows it’s self written advertising crap.

My first instinct was right: This is crap!

Sounds like a US Taxpayer milking scheme…

My 2 cents