Windows as a module?

@oneitonitram would this be a nice gdaget?

What would be the need

A windows cloud PC

Config parameters could be:

VERSION: “win11” (as a dropdown from all the available options)

and the default NS8 storage location opposed to:

  • /var/win:/storage

But then again, who am I to as a defunct dev :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


i came accross this HeyPuter/puter: :globe_with_meridians: The Internet OS! Free, Open-Source, and Self-Hostable! (

Nice. However sometimes specifically Windows is required for some reason or another.

It made me play DooM tho, first time in many may years :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind installing a puter module :wink:

Hello, i am interested to give it a try for a maschine i host with a sql server. is there a how to for installing a windows maschine in docker?

The instructions are on the Github pages mentioned in the first post.

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okay, but do i install it on the rocky linux installation from ns8?

Oh no, that was the initial question, if someone could make a module for NS8. Please do not install it on NS8!

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ok, thank you !!!

@oneitonitram I must say, I have a lot of fun with this, thanks :slight_smile:

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@LayLow is the windows cloud pc having a ui accessible via UI?

EDIT, seems its possible, Had not watched the video… this is cool, I have also found a use case for this tool…

Our good friend @mrmarkuz is answering your prayers.

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Puter is interesting too.

ns8-windows needs access to kvm, that means for example nested virt on proxmox which needs to be configured…

As soon as I have something workable, I’ll give you an update…


am not sure is puter has the same requirements as well for kvm

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