I do not dare to ask for yet another feature request :innocent:

Is there a planning that the account controllers are supplemented with the RADIUS?
In the spring of 2016, this was already discussed in the forum, and abes gave no concrete result.

So I would be happy!

Many greetings

It was already on the ShortTime agenda.
But unfortunately there was no reaction!

Is there anything else in the planning, or is there a new fact?

Nothing planned by now AFAIK. We could ask @alefattorini or @jobezic: RADIUS could be required by the captive-portal module (NS-enterprise).

BTW, RADIUS support in SSSD seems still under development!

It could be available an Active Directory integration, though.

@gerald_FS: why do you need it? What is your goal? Could you share your requirements?

Currently I try to centralize WLAN with Ubiquiti, to complete coverage, I have distributed four access point in the house.

A central identification with RADIUS would put the whole project on a new level.
Some time ago I have with Ubuntu and Radius (2) and the WPA2 somewhat expiermenitert and it worked wonderfully.

This is my HowTo:

It is not an economic constraint behind it!

Whether the identification is done with SSSD or in AD, I believe has little impact.

In addition, I am working in an aid organization and there are always problems with the central WLAN password.

If it works with me at home with 12 users I want this system to roll out there.

Greetings from the snow!


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I am playing from a setup of a RADIUS server to the WLAN login.

ALs basis I use the following HowTo , however, I have already problems with the examination if I via Winbind my users can identify.

[Root @ openzwo samba] # ntlm_auth --username = test.mueller --domain = nandlnet.lan
Could not obtain winbind separator!
Reading winbind reply failed! (0x01)
: (0x0)
[Root @ openzwo samba] #

Does someone know any advice?


Currently, it’s not in the cards but looks very cool maybe @acsel10 made it work