Win10 problem to join new AD domain in NS7.9

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: AD

In same network I have a E-smith 9 (NT4 PDC domain as EMPRESA) and a newer (not production yet) NS7.9 as AD domain ABCD (nsdc-.domain.tld).
I’ll move to new NS7.9 server as soon as I can get it working.

Right now I have all running on PVE so I have one Win10-vm to test things on desktop side… and cannot join it to new AD domain.
I’ve created a hostname (in old e-smith admin) for IP for both names of AD domain (nsdc-hostname.domain.tld and ad.domain.tld) and can ping both of them.
I’ve tried to join using a single word (name) I think it’s called WINS name.
I’m not sure if I’m using wrong password, account, or something else.
Where should I find out what’s wrong and any tips to fix it?
Later I’ll have to create +30 users/groups and migrate 500GB of data!

Hi @jader

30 Users / Groups? Easy, hardly worth making a script!
500 GB of Data? also Easy, done in a couple of hours, depending on Network & hardware…

e-smith (SME Server), is also where I came from, but it still uses a so called NT-Domain, not AD.

For AD, you basically only need the ad.domain.tld name, also for joining a PC.
Use the (activated user) admin or any other AD Domain Administrator account. I use the admin accounts for my clients.

On top of the dialogbox:


That’s it!

Note: NethServer also creates a NT style name, but only displays that in the old Server manager. (Both old Server Manager and Cockpit can run side by side.). Make sure this does not overlap with your e-smith!

My 2 cents

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Hi Andy,
I remember you from E-Smith forums. Nice to tallk to you again.
I’ll try using ad.domain.tld … but I’m sure I’ve done it before. Maybe it~s a BIOS problem…hehehe.

About 500GB and 30 users… I’d love to see E-Smith LAT (Lazy Admin Tools) working here.
I’m reading others bulk scripts tools… I have to repetitive work. I’d love to see a users/groups backup on SME side and restore on NS7 side!

But first I need to join machines to domain… and later will have to migrate from old NT4 style domain to newer. Any tips about this too are welcome.


Drop a PM for tips… :slight_smile:

Nethservers Forum, and the people here are much better than e-smith… :slight_smile:
I never engaged much on koozali, but here…

My 2 cents

I was able to connect using SMB protocol and admin credentials, see SYSVOL and NETLOGON shares, but nothing more. And cannot write to any of them!
So my credentials and hostname (ad.domain.tld) are correct but I’m getting error message about DNS not solved for ad.domain.tld even I can ping it and it return ok.
I’m doing something wrong… not sure what… I’m sure it’s BIOS…kkk.


The PC you want joined to NethServers AD should be using NethServers DNS.
You can switch the DNS manually before adding the PC.

My 2 cents

PS Just curious (also as to Time Zone differences…):
Where are you located (Country?).

I’m located in Kreuzlingen, North East Switzerland, on the Lake of Constance and on the border to Germany (The german town of Constance is within walking distance - 5 minutes to the old town!).

I was the DNS! I’ve switched to AD IP and it worked in 10sec!!!
You rules Andy!

BTW: I’m on Brasil (GMT-03) . I live in a beach town (a city named Joao Pessoa in state of Paraiba).
It’s northeast of Brasil, the beach part!!

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Since you mentionned it, I do now recall the name Jader from e-smith / SME-Server / Koozali days.
Great you finally found NethServer!

You can install the latest MS RSAT tools from Microsoft on your Windows Desktop (7/10/11) and administrate your AD from your Windows Workstation.

Another good tool is PHPLDAPadmin, available from here:

This can be used to eg remove a PC from the AD…

My 2 cents


This DNS should be automatically distributed from DHCP server…

I have a old SME/E-SMITH 9 as main server and moving to new NS7 server, so my entire network is based on PFSENSE+SME9. The DHCP server is SME9 or PFSENSE and not the new NS9.

You can do three things
1: tell pfSense to distribute NethServer AD as DNS
2: use NethServer as DHCP server
3: manually edit all clients until you shutdown eSmith 9