Wiki crisis: plugin markdown and rst obsoleted

Hello @support_team @docs_team

I upgraded our dokuwiki instance to the last available version, this has a side impact about the plugin markdowku, it is not compatible with this version, same for rst.

I looked toward to contact the creator of markdowku but no answer so far, it seems he tried to make it compatible with rc2, but it is not compatible with stable, after the upgrade we got a blank page. I needed to kicked this plugin.

Same for rst

The first consequence is that all pages written with markdown are broken for the layout, even my wiki page got some issues.

Often I needed to modify

` ` to '' ''
``` ``` to <file> </file>

with the plugin ‘find and replace’ in chrome it has been quick

I made a tour of markdown plugin and I did not find something equivalent to replace our former plugin, however I have never been a big fan to write markdown inside dokuwiki, I prefer to use the wiki syntax

For those who have written or worked on some pages it is maybe time to go to check what we need to do. I am not convinced to enable a new markdown plugin because I wonder if we could have the same issue in the future.


Counterpoint: supporting markdown means it’s much easier to take something that’s been written up, discussed, and revised as a Howto here, and migrate it to the wiki for more permanent access. I don’t think it’s a deal-breaker (and I don’t think I was aware of the Markdown capability until I’d already done the pages I’ve done), but there’s some benefit there.