Wifi is disabled

Hi, i am a newbie.
Trying to learn about Neth server.
Once i install the latest Nethserver onto a laptop and connect LAN to a wired network having internet access, it works fine and can be connected to by a second laptop whether on cabled LAN or Wifi.
However, if i disconnect the Cable and while installing put up Wifi as Green lan. , it is recognised and it does get the ip address. but once the installation is complete and the computer is alive after a reboot. it doesn’t turn wifi on.
Wifi light remains turned off and once it is not accessible , we can not log into our machine from a remote machine as connection to server is not established.
i have found that Network Manager service is also not running.
Can i have some advise on it please.

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welcome to Nethserver Community.

Here’s a wifi configuration guide:


NetworkManager is not used in Nethserver.


Thanks MrMarkuz, for taking time off to reply.
i am having multiple problems. so let me explain what i have done so far.
i installed the OS using a i 5 laptop with 1xlan and 1 x wifi. i connected the rj45 connector coming from my Sky router to a cisco switch with basic configuration and another cable from the same switch’s 2nd port to my Nethserver machine’s RJ 45 socket and it is picking up the IP address leased by the Sky Router to it.
It’s Wifi adaptor could also pickup the wifi signal while installing the OS so i set it up to obtain the ip address from my Router and it successfully coonnected.
Once i try to access the Gui interface of the Nethserver PC, by using the wifi ip address followed by :980.
My server is not accessible.
once i connect my laptop with the same switch on which the Nethserver is connected to. I can access the GUI interface but after making my Nethserver a Domain controller i can’t add the clients pc to domain as i get the answer that the domain is not available…
i Tried making both interfaces (lan and wifi ) as green but still no success.
and i am not very good on DOS commands.so couldn’t understand what you meant in your reply about Wifi configuration on Pi,
i have seen some tutorials for the installation of OS but couldn’t find anything on further configuration…

i am a windows user but seeing the benefits of no licence i am drifting towards Linux now and wants to learn a bit more.
Helo and guidance is requested please.

What’s the model/vendor of your laptop? Maybe there are known problems with the integrated wifi adapter.

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Dell, I have tried 3 differant models but they all behave the same.

Do i have to disable the DHCP and DNS of my sky router, once i have enabled the DHCP and DNS of my Nethserver domain controller?

This is your problem. You connect both wired and wireless adapters to the same subnet: the subnet your sky router is distributing to your LAN.
There are several options to connect your NethServer to your LAN. 1 is with a single adapter (either wired or wireless) Then your NethServer can have all the roles EXCEPT the role of Gateway/Router/IPS.
If you configure your NethServer this way you have to decide who is going to be DHCP server on your network: Your Sky router or NethServer. NOT BOTH!! This might be one of your current problems. Also, in this case your Sky router is default gateway for your LAN. You should also decide if NethServer will be DNS for your LAN (to resolve local servers/services) or not and what external DNS providers you will use (to resolve servers/services on the internet).

A 2nd scenario could be to use NethServer as a Gateway behind your Sky router.
In that scenario, you should place NethServer between your Sky router and the rest of your local LAN and configure 1 interface as RED (easiest would probably to use the wireless adapter for this) and 1 interface as GREEN (the wired interface that will be connected to your switch to server the rest of your LAN)
Situation will be then: internet - sky router - NethServer - switch - Local LAN. In this scenario NethServer will be acting as DHCP/DNS/Gateway for your LAN.
Be aware that you will need another AP for your local LAN that is attached to the switch. If you use the Sky router AP, you will bypass NethServer on your LAN.

If it is possible to bridge your skyrouter (you could ask your ISP, beware that TV / Telephony might be affected by this action!) your NethServer will get an external IP address on the RED interface since your Skyrouter will only be acting as a modem and not as a router… This will avoid the Double NAT situation.

Long story short: as far as I understand your situation, you have configured your networking wrong.


Thanks Rob for a patience reading.
your reply cleared some of my doubts and i have successfully installed a domain controller with LAN (wired only). However the mistake i was making in joining a client to my domain was , i was not setting up the DNS properly for it. This time i Disabled DHCP of my Nethservre and let my sky router distribute the IP address. For client’s network adaptor, i set DNS 1 IP as my Nethserver’s IP and DNS 2 as Google’s. However, once i tried to join the domain by typing “w” or “w.loc” being my domain with Administrator (w\administrator or w.loc\administrator) and the password, it didn’t connect. Once i put DC1.w.loc\administrator and the password, for joining the domain, i could join “W” domain just like as i could in windows environment. I installed RSAT on the client windows to see the AD tools avail to me and found out that AD is just the same sort of as we got in Windows server. ( i am a bit familiar with that, lol)

I shall further experiment with Wifi adaptor too at some later stage.
At this stage i shall be looing to install some Exchange server app and after that would like for some app like SCCM .
Thanks for all of you to enable me to do the required task.

Waseem Dar

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  1. Click the Windows button -> Settings -> Network & Internet.
  2. Slide WiFi On, then available networks will be listed. Click Connect. Disable / Enable WiFi . If there is no Wi-Fi option present, follow Unable to detect any wireless networks in range. Window 7, 8 & 10.

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