WiFi connectivity lost

hi, I am writing this post to try to figure out with you if the problems with feedback nethserver are tied to my little knowledge of nethserver, or is there some problem that I disown. in essence the problems reflected mainly to DHCP DNS AND FIREWALL, I have a PC that test user that has an AMD FX8120-16 GB OF RAM and two network cards, the nethserver version I use is: NethServer system version 6.8 release (Final) with 2.6.32-642.6.2.el6.x86_64 kernel. with all of Nethforge repository modules installed and updated to the latest version available. the goal I have set to achieve through nethserver be what it sees split your network interfaces divided into Wan and Lan, the wan card (red) is configured to PPPoE router Fiber Telecom and Lan Card (Green) to the switch for the serivire internal hosts, the telecom router has a radio interface for the wifi which is active with DHCP disabled, in fact nethserver has the dhcp and dns active service operating correttamante solving tranquillitaà the connected host, having a AP (telecom router) with dHCP disabled and to provide connectivity to the wireless client, I connected all direttamante network interfaces to the switch, so that the wireless traffic can be managed by nethserver otherwise, connecting the router directly to the Wan (red card) I could not take advantage of the managed connection from nethserver but eisterebbero 2 separate lAN that would not be visible to each other, (green nethserver and wiFi router). my problem is that, after you configure all DHCP services, DNS and Firewall, the system works properly read, both on the physical client, and both of those wifi, in fact are assigned ip, the names are resolved and are enforced rules Ip reservations. But after a few minutes of activity 'it happens that the physical clients continue to work quietly, but the wifi client, lose connectivity. is there any problem in my configuration? I can not explain why shortly after this thing happens, somebody has happened?
P.S. I tried to download the version 7 rc1 acadesse to see if the same thing, but I noticed an incredible difference in terms of slowness, both in starting the machine and both the response of the web pages, is this normal?

thank you, I’m ready to have any questions!

Hi @p.mall
If clients connected with the cable work when the wifi client crashes, it seems a problem of WiFi AP. for example a device in conflict with your AP. A NethServer problem should create problems at all.
If you reboot AP or WiFi client it back to work? and if you reboot netheserver?


Hi @p.mall
Did you find the problem?

Thanks, I have got the solution.

hey… can you share the solution because i am also having the same issue.
thanks in advance.
best regards!!

Please don’t bump 3 year old topics. Even if you have a similar problem, please open a new discussion with your specific problem. We will be glad to help you there.

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