Wifi access point network

Dear all, I’m a newbe.
I need to create a “blue” wifi network where customers may connect using just only ssid and passwd, how can I do this ?

Hi @yakman000 and welcome back!
You should look for a ‘captive portal’
On NethServer we have a module called dedalo hotspot for that.


If you want ‘something to choose from’, have a look here: 37+ Best Captive Portal Open Source Software Projects

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Thank you Robb.
Is there something more simple ? …without captive portal, just giving ssid and passwd to temporary guests ?

Some AP’s already have such a feature. They broadcast an internal wifi signal and a ‘guest’ wifi signal. And basically the guest signal only route to the default gateway and doesn’t let devices snoop on the internal network.
If you have a Router+AP that support DD-WRT, you should be good: Multiple WLANs - DD-WRT Wiki

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