WHy will some features not be ported from old server manager

i cam across this page: http://docs.nethserver.org/en/v7/snmp.html
which had this note

The configuration page of this module is available only in the old Server Manager and will not be ported to the new one.

now am confused. is not the plan to port all function in old server manager to the new one, and finally stop using the old one?


Perhaps somebody of the @dev_team can explain it.

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We saw that all the sysadmins in need of SNMP preferred to use the command line to configure it.
If thousands of sysadmin change their mind and want a cockpit page to configure the server, there’s nothing stopping us from developing a new cockpit app.

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But don’t forget the fact that the SNMP config isn’t changeable, and as-is basically unusable, so forcing us sysadmins to use command line to do it…

Similiar to the way the NUT support had a hard coded password for a long time, way into 7.x…



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Sorry @Andy_Wismer, I don’t understand the meaning of your sentence.
Could you please clarify it (maybe with a real-world example)?

To change the settings of snmpd you have to change its configuration file (/etc/snmp/snmpd.conf).
You have to use the old UI or the config DB or templates. In the future, you could modify the file directly.

But, as I said, I think I haven’t understood what you mean. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, myself being cooped up at home (Corona@svizzera) and being a bit ironic. :slight_smile:

Even in the old Dashboard, you couldn’t change the access to snmpd, you could only change the community, contact and location.

I also need to adapt the red marked bit, but I have to do that via command line.

But, as I also say, for a long time unix sysadmin, even that is more or less scripted - including the template file… :slight_smile:

Note: I’m NOT complaining!

This is Open Source: Don’t bitch about it, but improve it or else contribute to make it better! :slight_smile:
This is part of my way of contributing, to make this a better software.

I am a sysadmin. I have NO problems to do certain stuff with command line or scripts.

I’m also noting, that the built in support for NUT in NethServer 7 had at the beginning a hard coded password - that’s long since been corrected! This is an example where things improve with time…

Rome wasn’t built in a day, as the saying goes.

As a matter of fact, as any roman will confirm: They’re still building!
Same goes for any living city - or community: there’s always something to improve!

Stay safe in bella Italia!

My 2 cents

Also an uninstallation of this module is only available from terminal or old gui.
You can install from cockpit, but not configure or uninstall.

I understand that you agree with me. :slight_smile:
We have two mutually exclusive options:

  1. improve the nethserver-snmp package with more options and a cockpit gui
  2. leave everything in the hands of the sysadmin who knows how to modify snmp.conf

I think option 2 is better.

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Perhaps a short hint on cockpit, where to configure it and how to uninstall, could help some admins.

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Both excellent ideas!

Hint in cockpit, and leave the rest to sysadmins.
Also remove the template, and leave the snmpd.conf as-is, provided from upstream.

Just for your info, I use exactly the same commands on NethServer, Centos (no wonder!), but also on Proxmox and Raspberry, two very different Debian distro based…



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