Why we need to be inclusive

This picture I found on diaspora*. It so much explains why_nobody_ should be excluded for whatever reason.
This community is proud to have an inclusive atmosphere. Any question can be asked and is encouraged to be asked.


:100: thanks for sharing

Sure, we need to be inclusive, to be a better community.
This point nobody can negate.

To pull up this inquisition era, ( the false dilema, the false dicotomy, the BatesonTrap),
To go to the “Rebirth” era, the era of light… the Awakning era :ghost:

And to survive in the ocean, I make the suggestion to apply the Blue Ocean Strategy.
Over the “cure spiritual”, and the “emotional Inteligence”…

If you remember my first interventions on the forum… It was to make “good stories”, to make vertious spirale

Perhaps this is simply a careless overstatement, but I can’t agree with this at all. Behavior is absolutely a valid reason to exclude people from participation (or even membership) in a community. Virtually every community, of any size, does this, including this one, and it cannot be otherwise.

Sure, we have to take care with this inquisition spirit, trolls and other obscures, cleavages effects.
I (well?) understand that it’s not only on forums but in the real life too.
[parenthese start]
Other brazilian people here can confirm than here, in Brazil… There’s lot of brutals crimes, essentially female crimes, due to this bad state of mind, and how it’s hard to keep calm, mindfull and avoid polarisation, with theses « withches ».


I put here the reference… In the other side, there’s a lot of reference to understand how the Big Sur Esalen Center and other Sufi masters inspire a lot the hollywood industry, the musical industry :wink:
(My preference go to Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stone for music, and Star Strek and The Big Bang Theory for series/sitcoms):rofl:

And perhaps, it can inspire you for few poems and be creative, or at least avoid, prevent some schizophrenic effets.

To close the parenthese, and return to the forum and virtual life; For the trolls, trust in the Shopenhauer law and the (sad) Godwin point, no need to confront the faith and the science.
Just respect the netetiquette. and don’t feed the troll.

I’m not a preacher (or perhaps only in the Notting Hillbillies’s Mark Knopffler way (yes, another awakening, all are pillgrimage)) … but really take care of the polarization and radicalization

To talk a little to the Palo Alto school, and to be constructive and positive, I’m sure than our Comunity Manager have good references and tools too, to build a good community.

For our menbers who are anxious and are afraid of the witches, or ever the black mirror effect, I prefer recommend the Jon Kabbat-Zinn « the full catastroph living» to introduce the Mindfullness, and the Daniel Goleman « Focus: the hidden path to excellence » to avoid the Jean-Claude Vandamme effet and be too much « aware ».

@robb invite to ask so, I ask, and this question is a real challenge: Where is my Nethserver mug, to take my coffee? Sorry, I’m not a poet and just listening the Green Manalishi’s Fleetwood Mac, I will calm me with the Albatross to counter balance.

Keep calm and « divide » (sorry, « share ») your knowledge, in other words, open your mind, stay young, or awake the child in you and be yourself.

Any similitude with real facts are purely coincidences. I didn’t smoke nothing, neither took any psychedelic product :crazy_face: and I prefer D.Goleman to P.Selligman for the positive psychology.

The force be with you, in the pilgrimage