Why restoring a file as hidden file

why when you restore a file from Cockpit interface (without overwrite) it will restore the file as .restore ?
If users haven’t enabled to show hidden files it can be a problem to tell to a secretary how to show these files :slight_smile:

If I don’t make a mistake before last updates it was restored as “restore-etc” and not as “.restore-etc”

/cc: @giacomo @davidep

It was already restore as an hidden file.
Why? I do not know, I think it was simply a design choice (maybe a questionable one :wink: ).

@edoardo_spadoni @filippo_carletti can you shed some light on this?

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Only the sysadmin can use the restore page. He/she is supposed to know how to view an hidden file.
And make it visible to the user only when it’s safe.

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