Why ocs inventory as be discontinued?

OCS inventory is a great feature, why nethserver was discontinue this packet ? there is another solution on his place ?

because it relies on an outdated version of php (php7.1) i agree it was a good feature but there are security and compatibility issues for further info see ocsinventory [NethServer Wiki]

There is fusion Inventory for one easy to setup as an addin with glpi


Glpi module for NethServer is maintained by @stephdl
Maybe some more work can be done on the wiki so it gets documented a tad better. For instance by including some handy addons…



As it seems, OCS-Inventory is dead, pity, I used to use both OCS-Inventory and GLPI on SME-Server for a long time…

It’s now called OCS-Inventory-NG. No more Open-Source, but still Free(mium?).
Can still be coupled with GLPI, but both sides aren’t pushing that link much anymore…

You need to register to download the free version.


My 2 cents

IIRC they require inside the rpm a php version that must be updated in centos7, it is a kind of let me put myself a bullet in the feet.