Why not support IPV6


(Alessio Fattorini) #21

I think that @filippo_carletti may agree on this, not currently a priority but we can put it on the map.

(Walter Schoenly) #22

That statement seems a little overly dismissive. I have given my explanation. I want to be ahead of the curve. I don’t want Neth to be scrambling to get IPv6 in when IPv4 is limited by over utilization. I want IPv6 to be full featured and fleshed out rather than tacked in just enough to make it usable. That is a valid reason, if not one you choose to accept.

Now is this something that needs to be implemented this very instant? No. Is it something that need to be the top of the list or everything will fall apart? No. Is it something we can or should ignore? No. This is the time to get the ball rolling on IPv6. It is the new standard for network communication and some thought needs to be put into how it will be implemented in Neth.


IPv6 is on the wish list of SME Server 10.0

(Tiago Gaspar) #24

Hey Everyone,
I’d like to resuscitate this topic as it is a important one I belive.
I have IPv6 and I can help anyone in anyway you want/need, but I’m not even near a programmer but i can help test builds.
Can someone help me?

Thaaanks! :smiley:

(Artem Fedai) #25

Yep, We need IPv6!

(Michael Kicks) #26

7.5 features are “popping up” as new requests (just like TLS policies and compiances with GDPR).
Therefore… next feature question.

When IPv6 will be managed by NethGui/NethServer? In 7.5?

(James Nesbitt) #27

As IPv4 has been exhausted in certain regions and the fact that CentOS 7.4 and ShoreWall supports both protocols, I highly recommend that there should be something in the web admin that allows one to enable/disable IPv6 and to configure it as well.

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #28

Still no plans for ipv6, this is a huge feature.
By the way, I will support anyone who want to try to implement it.

Nethserver IPV6 support
(Michael Kicks) #29

And by my perception, a necessary feature, or the project could loss a lot of its audience.

(bob) #30

Does Nethserver support IPV6? There’s no mention of IPV6 in the documentation. Are there any plans to support it though the WebUI?


(Michael Träumner) #31

Sorry,at the moment it isn’t supported.
Please have a look here:

But for testing you can try to activate it (please not in production):

(Thomas Rechberger) #32

Problem is that more and more ISP are switching to DS-Lite, means that VPN will be broken if it does not support IP6.
I guess should be no big deal to include IP6 config for OpenVPN in Nethserver but how about configuring IP6 in system itself. Has anyone tried it in console?

(Thomas Rechberger) #33

In /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-br0 these directives are working:


newer ones like IPV6_PEERDNS, IPV6_ROUTER or IPV6_DHCPV6C are missing but not required if static is used. DNS server goes into resolv.conf and thats really it. dnsmasq has also IP6 support but is not mandatory i think.

(Michael Träumner) #34

@giacomo, @Thomas_Rechberger
Could you do an implementation together? But what’s about the missing parts?

(Thomas Rechberger) #35

I am not sure if DHCPv6 is working or only stateless SLAAC.
Here is saying that Centos 7 should be ok:

But i couldnt find any IPV6_DHCPV6C parameter in ifup-ipv6 and my router has DHCPv6 setting but delivers only SLAAC.
Although i think SLAAC is ok for most of us and also fixed IP should be working i think.

OpenVPN IP6 should be also not too hard but i havent tried yet:
proto udp6, server-ipv6 and push route-ipv6
But i think OpenVPN can be used only with static prefix anyway.

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #36

There are still tons of missing parts and I don’t think everything will fit well in NS 7.
Let’s try to analyze it for NS 8?