How to enable ipv6


NethServer Version: latest stable

Hi there,

can I simply edit the ifcfg files in Network-Scripts to add an IPv6 address?
I can’t find anything in the WebGUI for that or maybe I might have just overlooked it.


The rule is (almost) any prop added to an interface record in networks esmith DB is transferred to ifcfg-* files in uppercase, preserving its value:

config setprop eth0 ifcfgkey1 ifcfgvalue1 [ifcfgkey2 ifcfgvalue2 ...]
signal-event interface-update

Warning: a bad configuration can lock you out of your server!

What are the required ifcfg parameters for ipv6?


That should be it


:thinking: I’m afraid shorewall is not configured for it… @giacomo @filippo_carletti @davide_marini could you lend an hand?

BTW @tboston is that br0 a red role? I think IPv6 can work for red only …What colour do you want to assign?

Yes thats a Red role

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OK, if you don’t fear of being locked out the commands could be:

 db networks setprop br0 ipv6init yes ipv6addr X ipv6_defaultgw Y
 signal-event interface-update

You need to install a special rpm called for shorewall and ipv6 but I can’t recall the exact name right now.

Guess thats ‘shorewall6’ but when I install it, I can’t issue commands via WebGUI, correct?

I could try that on a local interface first I think

I wouldn’t test it on production! I’d set up a testing environment for this experiment.

hi all,

it’s me again!

Now, with my new ISP, I’ve to deal with dual STack Lite and I thought to activate IPV6 at my enp1s0(red). But as I understand, be careful…noob, in the command

 db networks setprop br0 ipv6init yes ipv6addr X ipv6_defaultgw Y
 signal-event interface-update

I have to replace br0, X and Y by enp1s0, address and Gateway-address. But as I understand,even with IPv6 these ones could be changed anytime by my ISP.

Is there a way to handle that?

Thx allot

AFAIK IPv6 is quite used by ISP in germany…

well, noob with bad english…sorry :smile:

yes I’ve IPV6 but I’m sure that is it not static, and if I understood the Davides command it will change something in the esmith DB. So im not sure how to automatic change the tuple again if the IPV6 changed by ISP…


so I

db networks setprop eth0 ipv6init yes ipv6addr 2a01:4f8:c0c:e221::195/64 ipv6_defaultgw fe80::1
signal-event interface-update

and installed shorewall6
than reboot

now I have an IPv6
but I’m still unable to ping

ping6 2001:4860:4860::8844

both say : connect: Network is unreachable

Hello Jonathan,

You are using the nethserver localhost address as default gateway. (fe80::1)
Instead use the IPv6 address of your’e router as default gateway.


@helzing thank for your reply and support :wink:

but no fe80::1 is the gateway suggested by Hetzner
which works well for my Debian, Ubuntu and phontOS servers

Hello Jonathan,

I followed a reference from RedHat;

And this guy also explains the different IPv6 addresses with a link in his first paragraph.
I myself don’t use fixed IPv6 address, I use the autoconf and then my Nethserver has
the router IPv6 address as Gateway.

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I found it
in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-INTERFACE
since the IPv6 Default Gateway is not in the same subnet
I have to specify the interface which give something like this