Why in mozilla block youtube but in chrome don´t


Why in mozilla block the youtube page and in chrome don´t block; I configure in transparent proxy.

I think in mozilla it tries to resolve the http-address and in chrome it changed to https.

You should change from “Transparent”-Mode to “Transparent with SSL”-Mode to block it in Chrome also.

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it´s in Transparente with SSL-mode

Have you try to check “Block port HTTP e HTTPS” ?

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Yes I put the check…only yoytube open

Please post the access.log at the time you try with Mozilla and at the time you try with Google.


How do you block youtube? I blocked the “audio/video” category and it works in Firefox and Chrome.

Basically the browser has to use the proxy to make it work. To make transparent proxy work the client has to use the Nethserver with the content filter as gateway.