Why I haven't been around for a bit

So I wanted to reach out and just say hello again missed you all just about the time you all went to a subscription based system I started having some very crazy medical related issues. Things got so crazy that in 2020 I actually spent time in three different nursing homes and was admitted in the hospital several times… Then to catch Covid in the Nursing home in November 28 of 2020 and got out of the recovery unit at the nursing home on December 21 2020. So I am back but struggling as some of you may remember I had some fair linux knowledge back in the day when I was hanging around here but the current medical conditions have me space cadetting on a bunch of things… So forgive me if I post in the support arena and forget what I am posting about or forget how things should run… I promise I will spend my time trying to read and catch up but I am not absorbing things all that well with the current rush of medical services in and out of the home several times through out the day… Thanks so much for all the help in the past and hopefully for continued understanding.


Hi @lorentedford,
happy to see you again here. Hope you will recover and get back your knowledge.

Of course we are understanding.
Hope to read again from you.