Why doesn't CGP show memory usage anymore?

Hi guys,
I recognized that CGP doesn’t show the memory usage anymore. Only swap utilization is shown.
Anybody know why this is?
Or is it a configuration problem in my system?

Thanks in advance.

Uhm, that’s a great question! Actually, it’s true. Give me time to go deeper in this matter.

Which release of NS?

It’s NS 6.8 all updates installed.
Packages are nethserver-cgp 2.0.0-1.ns.6 and nethserver-collectd 2.0.2-1.ns6.

Thanks for your help.

The memory plugin doesn’t collect really interesting data, but if you want to enable it:

echo "LoadPlugin memory" > /etc/collectd.d/memory.conf
service collectd restart

Thanks @giacomo memory panel is back.
To look about memory is an old habit I can’t get rid of. :blush:
Like smoking, but that I managed to give up 15 years ago!