Why can´t connect to this page

Why I can´t conect to this page mail.senagua.gob.ec; only with it.

th error is this: 1512751988.307 59765 TAG_NONE/503 0 CONNECT mail.senagua.gob.ec:443 - HIER_NONE/- -

Can you please give some more background?
What version of NethServer, what modules are installed and what mail server are you talking about?
What account provider do you use? (NethServer Samba4, LDAP or a remote account provider?)
Is there any log that can give a pointer? You can start with searching in /var/log/messages

nethserver 7.3.1611

Dec 8 11:51:36 sdhg /sbin/e-smith/db[14895]: /var/lib/nethserver/db/configuration: NEW squid=service|BlueMode|manual|BypassDomains|mail.senagua.gob.ec|DiskCache|disabled|DiskCacheSize|100|GreenMode|manual|KrbPrimaryList|HTTP|KrbStatus|enabled|MaxObjSize|4096|MemCacheSize|256|MinObjSize|0|NoCache||ParentProxy||PortBlock|enabled|SafePorts|9943,8443,4443,444,7778,8085,7071,7022|TCPPorts|3128,3129,3130|access|green|status|enabled

When I can get acces to this page : HIER_DIRECT/ application/octet-stream
1512591352.449 60309 TCP_TUNNEL/200 31044 CONNECT mail.senagua.gob.ec:443 - HIER_DIRECT/ -

It seems squid doesn’t like the traffic. I’m no expert there … does bypassdomains instruct it to allow all traffic through, regardless of port?

I can access without squid…ssl is self signed maybe thats something?
Edit: Also manual proxy you are sure you are logged in? I assume you are or you wouldn’t be able to post here :smiley: