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Zero day…
wasn’t “never say never” again?









Too close to the edge. The bleeding edge.

Intel 13th gen.
A series for the winter (but not for the power bills)

Happy birthday, @Andy_Wismer!
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Here they are. Born to be bigger and smaller!

On the big side:
Ronna 10^27
Quetta 10^30

on the small side:
Quecto 10^-30
Ronto 10^-27

Really useful…
Now you can tell really fast how big earth is
or how much is light an electron: around 1 quectogram.

Since my get in touch with PCs, I started with mega, and now I might get in touch with some peta. Who knows, in 40 years bytes will become obsolete for qbits and qmegabits :wink:

Oh. Google take another of its stunts and rebrand “RC” into “Early stable”.
Also know “if it sucks, there will be RC2, if it works, RC will drop”.

Not a new video. But a recent one.

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Mock JavaScript libraries

Source : When programmers get weird: The funniest code projects on GitHub

In the world of programming, developers are always trying to make things easier. They often do this by writing libraries, which are extensions of programming languages that handle simple, common tasks. Libraries give programmers an easy way to do these common tasks without writing the code themselves. When libraries become ubiquitous, as many have in JavaScript, it makes it easier for newcomers to use the language, but they might not actually know what they are doing. As a result, they often end up using libraries for performing operations that JavaScript could handle on its own.

In response, some developers created mock libraries, which served as both funny jokes and meaningful commentary on the scourge of real libraries:

  • vapor.js is a JavaScript library that contains zero lines of code. On its project page, it’s billed as “The World’s Smallest & Fastest JavaScript Library.”
  • semicolon.js is “a more secure and reliable vapor.js.” Rather than containing zero lines of code, semicolon.js contains a semicolon.
  • Similarly, vanilla.js is a JavaScript compiler that compiles JavaScript into JavaScript. That is, it does nothing. But its GitHub page was convincing enough to confuse this innocent programmer.

Enjoy the Slowness of the Load

It’s for those who think that since their Internet is too fast, and thinks that the web pages load too fast in their browsers.


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Copyright The Last Of Us, TV-Series Edition.

How a computer get drunk?
Too many screenshots


SIAE (former copyright monopolist for music and some more in Italy) didn’t reach any licence agreement with Meta.
Why this should be a joke?
The declaration.

SIAE is asked to accept a unilateral proposal from Meta, regardless of any transparent and shared assessment of the actual value of the repertoire.
This position, together with Meta’s refusal to share information relevant to a fair agreement, is clearly contrary to the principles enshrined in the EU Copyright Directive for which authors and publishers across Europe worked hard.
This decision is striking, given the ongoing negotiations, and in any case the full availability of SIAE to subscribe to transparent conditions the license for the correct use of protected content. This openness is demonstrated by the fact that SIAE has continued to seek an agreement with Meta in good faith, despite the platform being without a license as of January 1, 2023

SIAE will not accept impositions from a subject that exploits its position of strength to obtain savings to the detriment of the Italian creative industry

(automated translation, slightly reviewed from me. Don’t quote SIAE on that)

Do you remember the Loki phrase from “The Avengers”?

An ant has no quarrel with a boot.

Which has been the “standard pitch” for SIAE as copyright management entity. Nice with big artists, strong and quite bossy with smaller ones and customers.
Now it’s no more a monopolist, but there’s still a fee called “Equo Contributo SIAE” (Fair compensation) on every single device that can store data in digital way sold by italian entities. Optical discs, hard drives, flash drives, SSDs. Even backup copy fees … feds SIAE.

So. Now is no monopolyst anymore. And now they dress up like artist’s advocates, but… they only want more money.
I think that Meta told them

An ant has no quarrel with a boot.

Maybe they’re not used with that kind of memo?