Who is talking about NethServer?


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NethServer 7.4 | Blog di eeepc901 (italian)

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Interesting! NethServer one of the best SMB server distros

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Ok, I wrote down a command at the site.

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Today I’m going to present NethServer with Samba Active Directory during an online webinar (Italian only)

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Ehhhh, yes, but I think it’s japanese… :smile:

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Google says it’s japanese. Here is the google translation as good as possible:

The NethServer development team for CentOS-based server Linux distribution released the latest version “NethServer 7.4” on 30th October.

NethServer is a Linux server OS based on CentOS. It is developed for small-scale offices and medium-sized enterprises and provides functions such as file server, web server, mail server, filtering, VPN, firewall, and private cloud. The license is GPLv3

NethServer 7.4 is the latest version of 7 series released in February. If there is a new upstream update at Software Center, it will be notified. Local Active Directory account provider now automatically applies updates to Samba DC instances (the latest Samba DC version is 4.6.8). In addition to local Active Directory (AD), it also supports remote AD and LDAP (local / remote). The account provider can change bidirectional between LDAP and AD.

Improved Web proxy “Squid” and improved Web navigation when using SSL transparent proxy. Web filtering in transparent / invisible mode without SSL, AD / LDAP authentication, secure network browsing, etc. are also added. IPS module “Suricata”, anti-virus and also strengthened. Updated cloud storage “Netcloud”, also updated Web content filter “ufdbGuard” to 1.33.4.

In the Web user interface, a diagnostic panel has added a speed test function that can test the Internet speed of the server. In addition to network information, routers, DNS lookups, pings and more are now displayed. In the band measurement, “Network rate” was changed to “Ntopng 3” of network analysis.

NethServer 7.4 is available from the project website.

This seems to be the main info.



I just see this article on the « planète auto-hébergement » in french…
This article is from Linux e Geekerie, and the author is @stephdl :blush:

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I’ve found it!


Well done @stephdl!

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during my talk at Toulouse, I made a bet…360 server the next year in france…it misses still a bit :slight_smile:

I need to understand why my article has not been published to the planet-libre

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Who wants to reply to this question on reddit? It sounds interesting

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I answered, but I have to wait for the ok from a moderator, because I had to register to post.
Hery you have a preview:

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Article is from 09.02.2017, here is the translation.

After several beta issues, NethServer 7 has been released. The distribution is based on CentOS and should make it easier for administrators to operate a Linux server in the company.

With NethServer 7, the eponymous project has released a new edition of its Linux distribution for small and medium-sized businesses. The operating system aims to provide administrators with an easy-to-manage open source server.

New base with CentOS 7.3

NethServer is based on CentOS and now relies on version 7.3 of the distribution based on RHEL. Previously, issue 6.8 was used. In addition, NethServer will be able to take over the tasks of a Samba Active Directory Controller in the future. According to the developer’s announcement, the system should also integrate seamlessly in Windows environments.

Also on board is Nextcloud 10. The Fork of the OwnCloud project serves to run a private cloud and leans on services like Google Drive. Further innovations are available at the mail server. He has received a full-text search plug-in in the IMAP or Web client. Instead of Fetchmail Getmail is now used as a mail retrieval agent (MRA).

In addition, the developers of the firewall have added Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) capabilities via nDPI. Rules should be set, for example, to grant only selected employees access to certain cloud services. In addition, it is now possible to make traffic shaping. Its purpose is to ensure that important services are given priority over working hours in the network.

Early inspection instead of MITM

In the case of the transparent HTTPS proxy, the project has removed the MITM function (Man in the Middle). She kept an eye on encrypted traffic. Instead, NethServer should already identify the destination when establishing a connection and, if necessary, prevent the complete transmission or otherwise let the data pass unchanged.

To install additional programs, the Software Collections (SCLs) and NethForge repositories are enabled by default. There are also some visual innovations. For example, the designers completely overhauled the web interface and updated the wizard for first touchdown. NethServer appears as free software under the GPLv3. The developers also offer an enterprise edition with commercial support and other services. (Fo)

For explanation, Heise in germany is an prestigious publisher of computer magazines (CT and IX).
These are magazins for administrators, most “normal” customers aren’t able to make use of it.

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164 comments??? :astonished:

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Yes, that’s right. Some are friendly, some not. But the not so friendly don’t know the product :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’d like to tell them all the truth, mostly they do not know the e-smith layer and the Nethgui which makes it a lot easier to configure. They think you may just use a default centos and have the same…but

in 21 threads is much to do…

Another guy recommends Windows 10 instead of Nethserver, really funny.

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This is a good idea, but the commands are also from 02.2017, I don’t know if somebody reads answers to it at this time.
But an idea would be to post a field report with much infos like nethesis as the company behind the project and not only school-boys like said in one of the threads and especially the lightweight installation and it’s modules as “addons”, not as must to be installed programs.
I could help you writing such a field report. Perhaps heise publishes it as an own article.

What do you think @mrmarkuz and @alefattorini?

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That would be great. I’d also like to help:

Some quick starting points:

  • Collect the fake facts
  • Write a nice article of what Nethserver really is, I bet there are templates in the forum or wiki, just need some translation, I did some German announcement we may partly use…
  • Clarifying the fake facts not being covered by the article

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Sounds amazing. Please do it. :wink:
Let me know how I can help

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Ok, I will collect it from the comments and write down a list.

Thanks Alessio,
if we need something we will ask you.

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Good article. Rodriguez is around?