Who is talking about NethServer?


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Another guide!


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Linux Journal: NethServer: Linux without All That Linux Stuff

PS: I think I’ve seen the same article in the past …maybe my memory fails, this has just popped up on the feeds list.

I am back and missed you guys
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The same but it’s cool to see this on the homepage! :slight_smile:

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There’s a guy that is talking about support communities mentioning NethServer :slight_smile:

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Sure it is harder to be constructive, but the return of our actions is really good. I love doing things :slight_smile:

Thank for your time and for driving us so far !

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Featured here

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Another one @german_team

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The blog post exposes one doubt: data migration from Owncloud to Nextcloud.

A well-known German site which covers NethServer 7 release:

To grasp different opinions, check the comments section.



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Another friend reviewed us

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Wow! How can we reply to them? @german_team

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Great review by our @pfinardi :clap:

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Another great article in Portuguese

with a bunch of comments :slight_smile:

Portuguese/Brasilian guys I need your help :slight_smile:
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One of the first video on NethServer 7 installation on Virtualbox

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@alefattorini, maybe we can check the issues he pointed out. Might be worth ironing it, inform him so he can update the post.

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Wow, so many Russian comments here!! :ru:


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Thanks @ostechnix

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via reddit:

…mentions a problem with partitioning through anaconda