Who has experiencing Offering WISP services? lets chat Netowkring


I am looking to begin a WISP. there are so many things to be done. and so many moving parts.

Running a wireless internet service provisioning seems not easy to plan out as earlier thought.

The main issues i need to better understand and plan are.
How to plan the private ip addresses. 10.X.X.X.X ip addresses.

Managing bandwidth as well as Network monitoring.

Am trying to understand. if i have a computer with single ethernet port. How do i get ntopng installed on it to monitor the entire network?

Managing a WISP is not simple, but nethserver can help you.
A point of start could be: https://docs.nethserver.org/it/v7/dedalo.html
Obviously it is a base to start you…

in my case i am using mainly PtP and PtMP connections. using AC radios from ubiquity

No experience at all, but I think some of this readings can help:

  • Here’s a starting guide to build a Wireless ISP.
  • Not specifically WISP, but a more generic guide on wireless networking. Read it many years ago and I think to recall it talked about point-to-point wireless networks, but bear in mind it is quite dated.
  • Maybe it is going the extra mile, anyway the next article covers ASN and BGP: