Which way do you prefer for the upgrade to 6.7?

The final release is almost ready, but i was wondering: which way do you prefer for the upgrade?

Scenario 1
Manual upgrade from shell:

 yum localinstall http://mirror.nethserver.org/nethserver/nethserver-release-6.7.rpm
 yum clean all && yum update 

Scenario 2
Manual upgrade from Software Center.
To make this happen we have to release nethserver-release-6.7.rpm inside the nethserver-updates repository for 6.6.
This will make NethServer a real rolling release distro :wink:

So, what is you’re vote?



The scenario 2 seem very nice…

We have a Webgui… Let’s use it :ok_hand:

I agree: Scenario 2

Scenario 2

Scenario 2

scenario 1
I need to see in RT what’s going on and if there are error messages…

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Scenario 2
is propably the most comon way the users will chose.

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I want point out the Software Center requires two steps to perform the system upgrade:

  • 1st UPDATE: new configuration for YUM is applied
  • 2nd UPDATE: new packages from 6.7 are installed
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When I did scenario 1, my NS crashed… lost my both my cards… Had to download 6.7 and reinstall from scratch. I dont know if anyone had the same problem… so scenario :wink: 2 for me…

scenario 2 is just scenario 1 driven by the web UI…

so, while in the first case you’ll see in RT an issue, in the second you’ve to wait for ui feedback

Which is almost real time :wink:

but via CLI I can open as many shell I need and take a look at many things in the same time…

[quote=“zamboni, post:10, topic:1838”]
scenario 2 is just scenario 1 driven by the web UI…
[/quote]Very true… but if there are errors it doesnt give you the impression you typed something wrong…

Just a Friday-before-weekend-silly-thought: what about redirecting all request to 6.6/nethserver-updates repository straight to 6.7/nethserver-base?

This way, the updates from 6.6 to 6.7 will be just a matter of click from the GUI!

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Nice idea, but someone could forget to update nethserver-firewall to the latest on 6.6

This is not good! :wink:


Can you do this with one click from Software center (is it possible to write/make something behind the update button)?

Yes, if we follow @giacomo’s idea only one click on UPDATE button is required.

But with that method someone could skip the nethserver-firewall update which is required to avoid the firewall UI disappearing.

I understand that.
Sorry. I think I didn’t was very clear, or maybe is a stupid question.
Is it possible to write/make something behind the update button to do the two steps, automatically, one by one, as you described, after you clicked the button?

I made update from Zentyal 4.0 to 4.1 with one click on the update button and I think that the first step was to check if the 4.0 is updated.

It could be a “different” kind of button and this way it will not be like the normal update.
This button can be “retreived” via normal update. For example when you update the software center it gets it’s status.
When we have a “distro upgrade” script added as package the button appears

When “clicked” it will run a script to perform all the updates.

I think this was the way that Zential had the update button.

1 normal updates add the “distro-update-script” to the system
2 when this script is found or added, the UI presents the user with a “NS 6.X available” button
3 the script runs all the update / upgrades required

What do you think ?


Of course it’s possible but it would require another cycle of design develop test and release. I wouldn’t do it.

Someone noticed in another thread we are missing upstream updates since August!

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