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I am completely new to Nethserver. I have setup a test environment to see how it works. I like it so far, and is getting interested in Nethserver as an alternative to a windows setup, for our smaller customers.

My question is:

  1. which license will I be able to run. I have tried to read the license agreements, but I am still unsure. We are hosting a lot of customers, in our own hosting environment. And we also have some customers there we have setup and does the maintenance on the customers location. The setup right now is typical a domain controller, exchange server, and er terminal server, and some also have a SQL server. Which license would I need to have to use Nethserver as the domain controller/ mail server for my customers?
  2. have anyone tried to use a windows terminal server with Nethserver? Or does anyone use a good and easy alternative to windows terminalserver?

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Ehi Kenneth,
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  1. are you referring to NethServer version? You could start trying community but if you need Professional Support for managing your customers and additional commercial modules maybe Enterprise version could fit you better. The choice is yours
  2. something like Ulteo? Not available for the time being. We’re speaking about here: What is the most awesome module/feature for NethServer, that does not yet exist?

Hi Alessio

Thanks for a very quick answer :smile:
I will test some more and see how it goes.

My pleasure man, we’re here to help.

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Of course, it is done :wink: