Which DNS are you using?


I’m not using my DNS provider service ( OI telecom)… Not that DNS is too bad, but when I was using, sometime, I was seeing a poor advisory, with a advertising from the provider…
I don’t like a lot this sort of practise.

For a long time, I was using the Google DNS, these are good… but using another Google service… It’s centralize all in the same place, it’s giving each time more power to Google. It’s let me an etical dilema.

For few years now, I’m using OpenDns, it’s a good service… there’s some features I like…
I was looking this information:

I know the two first… Did you know the others? Is someone using?

Only for curiosity: whick DNS srver are you using?

I’m now balancing between OpenDns and DNS watch :blush:

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I feel the same way as you do. Google DNS is rocksolid and fast, but as you said, it is another service to fill the hungry mouth of Google for more information about you.

I use mainly OpenDNS, but in some way I get the feeling that OpenDNS is getting more commercial. More info on the OpenDNS businessmodel: https://www.quora.com/How-does-OpenDNS-make-money

I wasn’t aware of DNS.Watch yet. I think I will give it a go for a few weeks…


I’m using OpenDNS for the web filtering security options they provide.


Did someone already use Quad9?

It depends on usage. If I anticipate frequent DNS updates, I will use Google for their update speed.

In any other scenario, the best performing free dns service.

Google here :slight_smile: Italian ones are a bit “faulty”

Filtering DNS providers are the new censoring tools. :-/
The big question: Who is going to decide what to filter and what not?

If this is an independent organisation with no affiliation with any government, I would give it a try… for now? no thanks…

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Yes, i’m agree…
But, as a dad, i can’t be 100% of my time behind my daughter…

So, I try to delegate this “safety” task…

I know too it’s nor 100% reliable, I try to find a just compromise :wink:

As a Dad you should give a try to Nethserver with proxy filtering :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Internally and on top of dnsmasq, pi-hole do a good job

for the net neutrality OpenNIC is there

I use my own DNS resolver on my pfSense box (which then provides DNS to my LAN); that way it’s querying the authoritative DNS hosts for requested domains, and there’s no single point of logging that can possibly disclose my Internet habits by way of DNS queries. I’m surprised and honestly a little disappointed that Neth doesn’t do this by default.

Edit: But from the thread title, I expected the question to be who you’re using for DNS hosting–that’s Cloudflare. Robust service, nice dashboard, functional API, and free.

For now, it’s a mixing bag between opendns, nethserver, and the Apple parental control
I’m quite satisfy

I also found something very interesting.


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